October 22, 2005

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October 09, 2005

Rain, rain

Yesterday was a rainy day!! I had forgotten what they are like. It rained more during the night and again in the morning, and off and on during today. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, and every day this week!

We really could have used some of that rain during the summer. See, this is an argument against "intelligent design."

Still, I am glad to have some rain (we have a serious deficit of water).

However, not being accustomed to it, I made the mistake of leaving outdoors the bag of dry food that belongs to Morris the outside cat. A light sprinkle did the bag no harm. A rain did the bag no harm, so I just left it there. But the NEXT time I lifted it to pour some in his dish--- whoosh! the bottom opened and it spilled all over the ground.

Whoo-hoo! Free catfood! Morris said, and tucked into it. Then a dog walked by on the street, and Morris scooted under the car and would not go back to the food. I had hoped he and/or the skunk that visits some evenings would devour it shortly.

This morning it was spread -- whether by skunk or by wind and water, I know not -- in an ugly gross yellowish smear along the driveway and well into the crabgrass. Nasty business, cleaning that up. Made my day! ;-|

Lately Morris has been acting like everything is a punishment directed at him. His range of activities is narrowing. He has refused to enter the house for over a month, which was okay when it was very warm indoors. But now the nights are getting quite chilly. Rain he does not like much, and looks bedraggled. But he still will NOT come inside.

Comments? suggestions?

I think he may have become supertitious.

Improve winter hardiness for tender perennials

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm has a good short article on improving the chances of some tender perennials making it through the winter in areas where -- according to theUSDA zone they should not be able to.

They offer several tips to improve a plant's chances, for example:
Protection from the wind ... is critical for evergreen type plants such as rosemary or lavender. The lavender behind the greenhouses which are fully exposed to all of winter’s nastiness, were badly burnt and had few or terribly late flowers. However, those plants that were protected around the greenhouse and the house came through just fine. Snow fence for a bed or Saran Wrap™ around 4 posts (leave the top open) for individual evergreen specimens, are easy temperary solutions. Remember where your prevailing winds come from; ours is from the west south/west.

October 08, 2005

thoughts about god

I posted some thoughts about god at a different blogthe alternate patriot:
though christians seem quite willing to take from the world whatever they want in order to get rich the natural world - the one 'created' by their god -- in some ways seems to terrify them. Gosh, sex! Gosh, homosexual lovers!
But more than that, the world seems to be disposable. Use and toss is the way they like to live. Plow on through like an ill-mannered child.

I hope they will learn to stop and smell the roses... before it's too late and the roses are gone.

Your comments are appreciated!

October 05, 2005

Fall colors

All the Way to Bangor, Maine USA Letters from Mamabear: "Wow! Do I see COLORS!"

It's TIME! Get on the road headed north by this weekend or you are sure to miss the famous Maine Leaf Peeping Tradition!!!!

October 03, 2005

Listening in the night

After dinner, and after I had finished cleaning up, I made a cup of orange spice tea, put on my heavy green flannel shirt, and went outdoors. The temperature had dropped, I think, to around 59-60 F, actually a little warmer than I had thought it would be , but I did not feel inclined to take the warm shirt off until I came back inside, later.

Our young tuxedo cat, Gavia (gavia is the Latin name for the Great Northern Diver, aka the common loon, a black and white bird with an elegant profile) came running toward me and darted into the house as I stood with the door open.

I stepped outside and stood still a moment, letting my eyes adjust to the dark, then went down the steps and walked slowly toward the front of the house.

I looked up toward the stars, but light from neighbors' houses made them seem not very bright. Then I walked around to the front and up a couple of steps to the front porch.

There I sat, in a comfortable old rocking chair, drinking my tea and listening. I heard a fairly loud and varied sound that may have been insects, or perhaps tree frogs. I dont know them apart well enough to say. What I did NOT hear - for a change! - was the barky dog who lives one house south of mine, nor motorcycles, nor four-wheel all-terrain recreation vehicles, nor lawnmowers, nor chain saws. Nor the loud radio or stereo, or CD player, of the hyoung neighbors who live around the corner.

Where was everyone? My best guess is that they were watching television. That's what the vast majority of Americans do in the evening. Years ago, it was knitting, reading, hobbies, or listening to the radio.

I am happy to say I have no functioning television at this point.

I therefore get to hear things and think things I otherwise would not have heard nor thought.

What was I thinking? I was thinking about God and AA. But that's a topic for another day! [note: see entry for 10-8-05 ]