October 04, 2004

Weather watch

A friend from the second-smallest independent state in Europe writes:

It is still 77 degrees F at 7 or 8 in the evening here. Humidity : High. October. Lot of people coughing, taking antibiotics and so on. The Autumn change-over Season is always not good here. It appears to me that it is somewhat more distrubing, healthwise, than is usual. Temps vary from half to double during 24 hours. Humidity remains constantly Very High.

Frankly, this bodes not well. Folk need to recover from the brutal heat
of the Summer (with High Humidity) - & we had it relatively easy this Summer.
They need lower temperatures & some winds to chase away pollution & humidity. What is called, simply, "Freshness". We are not getting that.

Big M.

Me, a smarty-pants, replied he should so as the rich do and go skiing in the Alps.