October 09, 2005

Improve winter hardiness for tender perennials

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm has a good short article on improving the chances of some tender perennials making it through the winter in areas where -- according to theUSDA zone they should not be able to.

They offer several tips to improve a plant's chances, for example:
Protection from the wind ... is critical for evergreen type plants such as rosemary or lavender. The lavender behind the greenhouses which are fully exposed to all of winter’s nastiness, were badly burnt and had few or terribly late flowers. However, those plants that were protected around the greenhouse and the house came through just fine. Snow fence for a bed or Saran Wrap™ around 4 posts (leave the top open) for individual evergreen specimens, are easy temperary solutions. Remember where your prevailing winds come from; ours is from the west south/west.


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