November 16, 2004

Over the river and through the woods

Two days ago, about 3 inches of snow fell overnight. The fallen leaves, raked and left at the curb, had just been picked up on Friday morning, so the streets were clear. the snow made everything look clean. Th next day, the temperature rose above freezing and all the travelled parts lost their snow to the sun. It felt like late January.

It's not unheard of, but rare, for us to get snow this early. Often the first snow comes mid December and then hardly any more til January. I recall a few years ago everyone in my neighborhood had raked their leaves out to the curb for pickup by the town (no one uses leaves for mulch around here - not much gardening goes on),and before the leaves were taken away it snowed, then thawe and refroze, leaving an awful mess on the roadsides. Im not sur they ever did take those leaves awaythat winter.