October 09, 2005

Rain, rain

Yesterday was a rainy day!! I had forgotten what they are like. It rained more during the night and again in the morning, and off and on during today. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, and every day this week!

We really could have used some of that rain during the summer. See, this is an argument against "intelligent design."

Still, I am glad to have some rain (we have a serious deficit of water).

However, not being accustomed to it, I made the mistake of leaving outdoors the bag of dry food that belongs to Morris the outside cat. A light sprinkle did the bag no harm. A rain did the bag no harm, so I just left it there. But the NEXT time I lifted it to pour some in his dish--- whoosh! the bottom opened and it spilled all over the ground.

Whoo-hoo! Free catfood! Morris said, and tucked into it. Then a dog walked by on the street, and Morris scooted under the car and would not go back to the food. I had hoped he and/or the skunk that visits some evenings would devour it shortly.

This morning it was spread -- whether by skunk or by wind and water, I know not -- in an ugly gross yellowish smear along the driveway and well into the crabgrass. Nasty business, cleaning that up. Made my day! ;-|

Lately Morris has been acting like everything is a punishment directed at him. His range of activities is narrowing. He has refused to enter the house for over a month, which was okay when it was very warm indoors. But now the nights are getting quite chilly. Rain he does not like much, and looks bedraggled. But he still will NOT come inside.

Comments? suggestions?

I think he may have become supertitious.


Blogger Kate A. Shorey said...

When Jessie (my cat) was a kitten she lived with me a few weeks, but eventually took a hint form my older cat (Hamilton) who was always instructing her to hide under the Hoosier in her presence)and left. She left my neighborhood. I worried!

Eventually I asked around and got wind of a cat being fed near the next building. I went and found her. Despite her protest, I put her in my car and brough her home. I brought her in the house. She has never left me since.

I should have done it sooner because we had a blizzard in Southwick that week she was gone!!!! =O

My suggestion?

Pick up Morris and bring him in the house and let him know it is OK for him to be there! Do not feed his superstitions.

My two cents.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Palema said...

Kate, thanks for adding your experience with Jessie.

We actually did try bringing him inside - several times - and each time he was okay for a couple of minutes, as long as you held him; but the minute we put him down, he ran around looking panicked and took the first way out he could find.

On one of those occasions, he stood on some pictures that were leaning against the wall in a corner, and cowered against the wall as if he saw ghosts in the middle of the room. When I opened the door, he tore out of there.

In addition to his apparent fear of the house, he has *sometimes* shown sudden aversion to his food.

Each morning I take out a dish of cat food to him, and he comes running over to eat. On a couple of occasions, he came running over, approached the food, just about to take a bite, but suddenly leapt back almost with a shudder, as we might if we noticed it was full of maggots or something gross like that.

But this was canned catfood, fresh from the can, and the same variety as always, on a freshly washed and dried dish.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Kate A. Shorey said...


It was lovely to just hold Morris today. It hink we picked a particularly helpful day to bring him inside as it's a bit raw and damp out.

He seemed quite content to take a bath on the table ;-)

My cats are in and out tonight... They want to be out, but it's wet and cold, so they come in to dry out.


7:21 PM  

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