August 18, 2005

Natureworks in southern Connecticut

Natureworks landscape, garden, flower and educational center:
Our shop is in a 100-year-old house and is filled to overflowing with unique gifts and gardening accessories in every season. The plant benches in our yard are packed with an amazing variety of fascinating plants, from old-fashioned flowers to the latest cutting-edge introductions. But the best part of visiting Natureworks are the gardens. Our demonstration gardens surround the store and the retail sales yard. They contain most of the plants that we sell, growing in a style marked with wild abandon. They are a place to stroll and relax as well as a living classroom.

I am dying to visit this place, which appears to be located somewhere between North Haven and North Brandford, CT -- about 1.5 hours drive from where I live. For that, it would have to be very good!

The plants they sell are grown in the ground, which seems good to me, as it means they are not delecate hothouse items that will wither under a CT noonday sun or instantly rot following a couple of days of rain (we should be so lucky as to have a couple of rainy days!).

If and when I make this voyage, I will report in this space my review.


Blogger Kate A. Shorey said...

Hi Mom, the coast between North Haven an Branford is fun in the summer. There are some quaint places to go in Milford.. a Former Bed and Breakfast turned restaurant, a world shop called Artifax, and a coffee shop run by a French man..

5:24 PM  

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