August 16, 2005

Gardeners' tips

Help from gardener to gardener is the kind of help I like.

I've noticed sometimes that the horticulture columns in our newspaper rely heavily on insecticides and fertilizers. Some may not mind it, but I do NOT want to be out there spraying stuff on my plants all the time!

And really, it is better for the garden and the gardener and all the wildlife from your pets down to beneficial insects like bees, and the neighbors, and the water supply, not to use poisons, nor to over-fertilize.

Some of the seed catalogs have very useful websites. Park Seeds has, for instance, the Park Garden Notebook. I do not see a link to this on their website; I got it via their email, which I signed up for a while back. I like getting the seed company emails because they often provide information on topics I need, but didnt know I needed!

Another good site I found is Garden Guides, which has many helpful articles and a discussion forum where you can ask questions -- and if you have some gardening experience, share your expertise with the newcomers.


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