March 18, 2006

6-8 weeks before last frost

How do I find out the last frost date for my area (Windham, CT)

I began searching the web for local information and it's surprisingly hard to find this. I turned up something at a couple of sites, see below:

Last frost dates, selected cities
Garden Web

Number after the state is days of growing season

Selected cityDaysLast frostFirst frost
Hartford, CT167Apr. 25Oct. 10
Worcester, MA172Apr. 27Oct. 17
Albany, NY144May 7Sept. 29
Syracuse, NY170Apr. 28Oct. 16
Newark, NJ219Apr. 4Nov. 10

First/Last frost, by zone, according to P Allen Smith (TV landscaper)
Avg. last frost
USDA ZoneAvg. first frost
Zone 41 May / 30 May1 Sep / 30 Sep
Zone 530 Mar / 30 Apr30 Sep / 30 Oct
Zone 630 Mar / 30 Apr30 Sep / 30 Oct


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