August 28, 2004

Wilting when wet

A correspondent writes:

> My plants are a disaster, all the soft-leaved ones :
> I have observed that a
> symptom, at the very least, of their problems is
> that they seem unable to
> absorb their drinking water : their water-reservoirs
> remain Full when they
> should rightly be Empty !! ??
--Big M.


M, I googled "unable to absorb water" and found a possibly helpful page with assorted causes of plant stress, including OVER-WATERING:

"Plants exposed to excess moisture show the same symptoms as plants under drought stress. The primary symptom of excess moisture is wilting or yellowing of lower and inner leaves."

That happened to the geranium pot that I put out on the front step a while ago -- the blossoms gradually died and the leaves began to yellow. I moved it back where the rain water could not reach it, allowing the soil to dry out a little, and now it is covered with buds once more!

The page I found is put out by the University of Maryland

Take a look and see if you find anything matching your plants' situation(s).


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