August 20, 2004

Around town

The other day I spent a little time on Main Street with my camera, noticing plantings that have sprung up lately. Outside the police-fire dispatch center is a bed of purple daisy-like echinacea and something else, possibly milkweed. Echinacea outside the police-fire dispatch center Milkweed used to be a common roadside weed that emits a sticky white fluid when a stem is broken.
The flowers, which range from whitish to purpleish, have a surprisingly strong aroma which is generally lost to us in the wide open spaces, but not if you find a milkweed palnt in a smaller, somewhat enclosed space.

The seeds form in large pods and have silky white sails attached that carry them on the wind after the pod bursts. Milkweed is home to the Monarch butterfly.

Milkweed does not seem as common as it once did, perhaps because in this state, at least, the road crews determinedly mow down all roadside growth, perhaps in the interests of visibility.

A tub of mixed flowers in an alley next to the victorian Home Association building The Windham Garden Club has been sprucing up various sites around town with the addition of attractive window boxes and tubs of flowers. It's a good undertaking, that increases the comfort level downtown. This photo shows a tub of mixed plants tucked in an alley way.

Two more photos


Blogger Kate A. Shorey said...

Interesting you should post about milkweed. Recently Bob Mips and I were attempting to identify a plant with a large stem, full of fluid, large leaves, and white knobby blowers. The stem had a reddish tint to it, almost like rhubarb. We wondered if it was milkweed.

I went to see the Wizard (Well the Wizard's father;-) and started naming clues. When he asked me about the reddish stem, he hit upon POKEWEED. Look it up. that's what MY plant was. Can't tell fromt his photo - would need to see it closer up.

These four photos are just beautiful! I look froward to seeing more!

EVENT: Tonight the Nifty Fifties are playing in Canton on Rt 44 from 7-11. From 6pm - 10pm, Lobster dinners are available for $15. Many in my circle plan to attend! If you, reader of Rivermantic wish to attend, please meet me in canton and call me around 7:30pm at 922-9210. Kate.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Palema said...

Hey, sorry I missed the band last night. Not to mention the lobster, though I've never much cared for wrasslin' with a whole lobster. I didn't see your remarks until the event was nearly finished.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Kate A. Shorey said...

it was
great fun, but alas, due to the lightening in the area, the band wisely shut down camp. after all the instruments were safely packed up in cars - the regular ones, not the two antique cars that remained until 9;30 pm - steve armentano lept over growing puddles in the street to join us under the tent in front of the canton firehouse. just as he arrived, the most rain i can imagine in one setting came pouring down heavier. i expected the tent to come crashing, but it held the water away firmly. but cleanup time approached and the fire ment brought out a big fire hose to wash away the scent of lobster and corn. it was
a fine night all in all. next events are
all private parties. i wonder if you all pay 10 dollars to come hear them at my place...

9:15 AM  

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