November 12, 2006


Yesterday we made a field trip to a little garden center, Naturework, which is a little northeast of New Haven, for a free workshop on houseplants given by Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, who is also known as "the Garden Lady" on "Open Air New England," among other things.

It's interesting visiting garden places out of season - you get to see the bones of a place and some behind-the-scenes work.

After the talk, I bought three plant food items, including an $8 jug of fish emulsion organic plant food. You mix one Tbsp to a gallon of water, so it goes quite a ways. But listen...

Last night I discovered that our cat Gavia, in jumping from where she's not allowed to be where she is allowed(or vice-versa -- I wasn't there when it happened ) kicked my new bottle of fish emulsion fertilizer onto the floor. The plastic cap broke and a gooey tan liquid rolled out on the floor.

That stuff was about $8 a bottle! Eek! I began laboriously scooping it up into a blue plastic mushroom container I had lying around. I got about a cup of it before I quit, and poured it into a small pasta sauce jar I had saved.

What remained on the floor I wiped up with newspapers, then put the newspaper in the compost pile.

The stuff is quite thick, and some remained in the blue plastic container after I poured it out. So I added water, rinsed and poured it into a half-gallon milk jug -- see, I knew these saved items cluttering my ktchen things would find a use! -- and watered all my houseplants with it. (There turned out to be enough for a full gallon.)

I wonder if lichen or mold will grown on the floor, even though I washed it after wiping.


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